I was planning to go through today as if it were just a normal day. I can’t. August 5, 1998 changed everything about who I am. On this day, 6-years ago, after only 8-months of e-mail and ICQ messages, I hopped in a taxi headed towards BWI. I flew first class with British Airways to Amsterdam with the intention of never returning to the U.S.
I was 21-years old.

I didn’t tell a soul back home (oh, the shitstorm that followed…), and I recall that a number of my online acquaintances were quite concerned. The moment that I walked out of the arrival terminal and saw Marcel standing there (paralyzed), I knew he was the one. We embraced, and I couldn’t imagine a life without him.

Leuk he? En ze hebben sindskort ook ’n hond: Tag

Vanaf deze plek gefeliciteerd!

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